CHAPTER 3 - What keeps me ryzn?

CHAPTER 3 - What keeps me ryzn?

Chapter 3/3

what keeps me ryzn?

My biggest motivators are my partner Marce, kids, whanau and friends. They are my why.

They see all the inspirational people, just like you that wear ryzn. How you get up to workout, show up, seize your day and keep ryzn.

Through the ryzn community my girls see the joy and happiness on your face when a package arrives and the motivation you feel when you put on your new outfit and embark on your workout.

Through ryzn they will know what it means to have commitment, confidence, motivation, dedication, determination and to be empowered. This is my why, this is what keeps me ryzn, my kids, my whanau and you.

I want you to keep ryzn for yourself and your whanau, to find your why, your motivators, aspirations, desires and to be inspired. To create and live your most healthy lifestyle possible. To dream big, achieve goals & believe in yourself!

If there is something you want to do or are passionate about, just start, and do it, don’t let fear of failure or judgement stop you. Don’t worry about what others are doing, just do you. 

I wonder where I would be if I started 10 years ago.

I’m here, I'm doing it and I hope this motivates you to keep ryzn, chase your dreams and seize your day!

Nga mihi nui! Thank you so much for your support and joining me on the ryzn journey. If it wasn't for you, ryzn would not exist! I will be forever grateful!

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