Our Values

Sustainablity + Ethical Practices
We are not a fast fashion brand and our products and designs are created with longevity in mind, creating simple and timeless active lifestyle pieces.
Our pieces are designed in NZ and manufactured in China. We are proud to say that both our activewear suppliers implement high standards and have a documented SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) and BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) reports from external audits. Please click here to find out more about the BSCI audit and the 11 principles the manufactures must meet to achieve compliance. It is important that our products are manufactured ethically and suppliers have a good in house quality management system. Once our borders open, a visit to our factories will be planned to further confirm they align with our brand values.
Here at ryzn collection we will aim to implement as many sustainable business practices as possible to reduce our enviromental impact. We are actively engaged in working out how we can reduce our enviromental impact and commited to making changes where possible.We are working on implementing some changes through production, shipping, packaging and delivery.
One of our goals is create an active range using more sustainable fabrics such as RPET. We are commited to continuously learning about sustainable new fabrics and materials that do not compromise on quality, to reduce our enviromental impact. The materials used in our garments have the Oeko-Tex standard 100 label which ensures the material has been tested for harmful substances and guarantees product safety.
Our current branded delivery bags are not compostable but they can be recycled at several soft plastic bins located in supermarkets across NZ. Please make sure you remove your courier label before depositing into a soft plastic bin as these are not recyclable. 

You can find recyclable soft plastic bins  here.

In 2022, you will have the option to choose your preferred packaging, the option of a plastic or compostable courier bag. Through a bit of research we have found out that if compostable packaging is thrown into the bin, its environmental impact is not much better than the plastic alternative. We have given you the option to choose your packaging so that you can choose the type which best suits your own specific environmental practices, which will be either recycling soft plastics or using home or commercial compost. 
Please try re-purpose your garment bags to reduce waste, they are great for storing kids puzzles, make up bags, travel bags and reuse-able bulk bin bags for the supermarket. If you use yours for any other purpose, please share on our social media,  tag us and we will re-share on our social platforms.
Printed invoices will also be excluded from your package from 2021 to further reduce our environmental impact. We now have a digital form for all our international deliveries.
If you have any questions regarding ryzn production and sustainability please don't hesitate to contact us.
Pay with SHOP PAY and reduce your environmental impact/footprint 
If you pay with shop pay, your delivery emissions are automatically offset by protecting an equivalent amount of trees. If you would like to read more about shopify's commitment to sustainability and how you can reduce your offsets by using shop pay please click here. You can even check your contributions with the shop pay app. 
Starship Foundation
Starship hospital is a world class children's hospital in New Zealand. They are the leading health care provider for paediatric health in New Zealand and the South Pacific. 
Our baby has recently been diagnosed with Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, without the exceptional care provided by starship hospital and staff, the outcome of Taeo's recovery may not have been as positive. Her recovery is currently still ongoing. We owe so much to starship hospital and staff.
ryzn ltd would like to regularly donate to the starship foundation and give you as a customer a chance to donate a small amount if you wish to. If you would like to give a small donation to starship foundation please tick the donation box at checkout. You can donate a percentage of your order or create a custom donation amount. It is our goal to bring in more funds for starship to provide children with better health and brighter futures. Please note, you cannot make a donation if you use shop pay, please use alternative payment method if you wish to make a donation to starship foundation. Please keep an eye out for other initiatives we will be running here at ryzn collection in support of starship foundation.