Why the name?

ryzn is pronounced like rising without the “g” and means the same thing. I wanted to incorporate an arrow pointing upwards to emphasise elevation and ascent. The name ryzn captures something about your journey. It’s upbeat, determined and inspiring. It’s the perfect fit for the life you live and the life you want to live. Because you areon the move, on your way, on the up.

ryzn activewear meets you where you are at and takes you where you want to go.
Tailored for complete comfort – well-fitting, smooth on the skin everywhere and shaped foraction. Whether you’re working out, at work or out shopping ryzn takes you where you want to go. ryzn is so well designed that you forget you’re wearing it. At the same time you know you look good and feel proud for taking this step for you. When you put on your ryzn pieces you can’t help but think, Yes I look good.

The ryzn mission is to inspire your inner goal-getter to keep ryzn, keep moving and keep motivated. So you can rise to the top of your game. Simple as that. Whether it’s in fitness, your work life or your personal life, ryzn helps you get there.
ryzn reminds you that you can surmount whatever might stand in your way.

ryzn – because you can get there.

Brand story

Kia ora, I'm Jamie Lee, the founder, director and designer of ryzn collection.
ryzn was born in Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, Aotearoa New Zealand and is proudly Kiwi-owned and operated enterprise.

We combine a passion for both well-designed clothing and health and fitness and we’re totally committed to bringing you activewear, street inspired apparel and accessories you will be proud to wear.

I started ryzn to share my passion for living a healthy lifestyle and to encourage others to beactive and to feel good. It’s become a collective where we can all inspire and motivate each other.

ryzn is about confidence and empowerment whatever your goal.
ryzn items are designed for all shapes, sizes and ages. Each one will encourage you to live an active, healthy lifestyle.

I know that with the right mindset, support and work you can achieve your goals and turnwhat once were dreams into reality.

Keep ryzn with the sun, as every sunrise gives you another opportunity to work towards your dream and acheive your goals.

Lets keep ryzn together!


Chapter 1

Read a little bit about why ryzn exists.

Chapter 2

We would not exist without you and our village

Chapter 3

Find out what keeps me ryzn