ryzn is slang for the word rising. It means to rise or rising.

ryzn was born out of passion for clothing and health and fitness. We are a New Zealand owned and operated brand based in Whakatane, Bay of Plenty committed to bringing you activewear, street inspired apparel and accessories. .

It is our mission to inspire and motivate your inner goal getter to keep ryzn and keep moving.

We want you to rise to the top of your game whether it be in fitness, achieving your goals or ryzn your vibration. To always rise above your losses, trials and tribulations.

As a collective we can inspire and motivate each other to live a healthy and active lifestyle, with our pieces leaving you feeling happy, confident, motivated and empowered.

Our objective is to provide designs that are functional, comfortable and stylish whilst creating a community of like-minded inspirational and motivated individuals that are reaching for their goals while looking and feeling amazing while doing it.



Kiaora, I'm Jamie Lee the director of ryzn collection. I truly believe with the right mindset, work and support you can achieve your goals and turn what once were dreams into reality.

I started ryzn to share my passion for living a healthy lifestyle and to encourage others to be active.

It is where as a collective we can all inspire and motivate each other. To inspire and motivate your inner goal getter and athlete. To evoke feelings of joy and happiness when you put on your ryzn pieces and see yourself and think, yes I look good.

Our pieces are designed for all shapes, sizes and ages. I hope you all enjoy our ryzn pieces and they encourage you to live an active healthy lifestyle.

Keep ryzn with the sun, as every sunrise gives you another opportunity to work towards your dream, achieve your goals and see another beautiful day. 

Let's keep ryzn!